1. JackCLK280

    Strange whining noise - possible alternator or AC compressor?

    Hi, my car has started making a weird noise. It does it almost everytime I start the car. It lasts for around 30 seconds and stops. Then reappears every 3-4 minutes. I don't notice it when driving, just when idling. I'm really hoping it's just a pulley??? I'm trying to upload a video but its...
  2. G

    CLC220 2008 diesel - whining noise

    I have had a whine on my clc220 diesel auto for a week. Gets worse when turning. Not there at all when stationary, nor when revving when stationary. It does change when driving as the engine is moving up through the gears. I thought this was the power steering fluid levels and have today...
  3. Mark Hart

    Help with noise from front of engine M113 5.0 V8

    Hi guys, Looking for some advise on where to start looking for an unusual noise coming from the front of the engine. My car is a 2004 CLK500. Background to this is about 6 months ago I did an overhaul of the cooling system as preventive maintenance (since the previous owner didn’t seem to...
  4. jeremy156

    Whining noise from M113 engine (2004 C209 CLK500)

    Hi folks, wonder whether anyone with a good ear can identify from a video what's making a whining noise at the front of my engine? It's pretty loud from inside the car, rev dependent and I assume it's the alternator... but grateful for any insight. Thanks, Jeremy
  5. L

    Whine under acceleration e350cdi

    Hi all, Only my second post so please be kind :) I've recently purchased a 2010 e350cdi saloon (231 bhp) After I got it, I noticed under heavy acceleration a kind of whine, it sounds like a supercharger if I'm honest, but it's only for about 2 seconds and it was when I was heavy heavy...
  6. J

    Whine/drone sound when AC turned on.

    https://youtu.be/j5QptKTAYRM After several replacement compressors (under warrenty) there is a huge whine/drone sound coming up thru the steering column which can be felt on the steering wheel from idle to around 2000rpm. The video above was taken today. Anyone have any ideas of what could...
  7. Bubble

    ML270 CDi Power Steering / Gearbox noise

    I have seen a few threads about a whining noise on the ML270 CDi occurring when accelerating hard, possibly with some steering lock on at the same time. I had this issue and first thought that it was coming from the gearbox, or transfer box :shock: The noise would go away after a few...
  8. G

    5-speed Getrag

    Hi, I just replaced the gearbox in my son's 1986 280GE. It is a 5-speed manual Getrag box, and was replaced due to syncring failure. The 'new' box, however, has a rather whiney noise on 2nd and 3rd gear, almost like it was reversing. I thought I'd change the oil, but wanted to ask first...
  9. T

    c270d loud whine from drivetrain

    Hi. Hope someone can help. I recently bought a 2002 C270 auto diesel saloon with 160K on the clock. Really enjoying it until yesterday when driving along motorway. Car gave a judder then started to whine loudly from the rear somewhere. Managed to drive home and car seems ok on a light...
  10. T

    Squeal from A180 right front wheel

    Hi, please help as the MB main dealer said they couldn't hear the very loud squeal/whine from right front wheel! It happens when first setting off from cold, and usually after turning a corner. It's my Husband's car, so I don't know which way he turns lol. After strong braking, the noise...
  11. D

    SLK 230k Supercharger bearing / whine

    Hi all, i've got a 2002 230k with 25k on the clock. Just recently the supercharger has started whining, a friend of mine used to work for merc and has opened the charger up and said that the bearing is going and has caused slight wear to the blades. ( obviously this is second hand info but...

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