wing mirrors

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    EClass coupe 67 plate wing mirror

    Hi i own an EClass coupe 67 plate. can anyone confirm if It is standard for the driver side wing mirror glass to be smaller than the passenger side glass? thank you for any help.
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    Wing Mirrors not folding in and out

    Hi I have a CLC model Merc 2008. Button inside car folds mirrors in and out but now they don’t set when pressed. They make a loud clicking noise and only fold in? Can anyone help I’m sure this is a common problem but cannot find and videos anywhere how to fix. Thanks
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    Mirrors Hit The Doors

    I have recently purchased a ML320CDI 2008 and both wing mirrors hit on the respective doors when they are folding in. The mirrors are damaging the paint work on the doors. The MB dealer is telling me that I must purchase 2 new mirror frames as the swing cannot be adjusted. There appears to be...
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