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    Wiper Motor Removal - W111 280SE 3.5 Coupe

    LEAKING WATER The problem: Water is coming into the cabin from the wiper shafts. The solution: My best bet is the wiper shaft bushes are worn and need replacement. No other place is leaking water. Question: What is involved on these coupes to remove the motor and shaft assembly? Is...
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    W202 Wiper Problem

    Hi guys! I have a 1999 C220 CDI with a strange wiper problem. I have extensively read many threads on this but my problem seems to be different to everyone elses. Issues are: 1) Sometimes the wiper will randomly switch itself on in the slow speed position, make a random number of sweeps...
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    Diagnosing wipers not working on W124

    Hi, Having procrastinated about stripping down and re-greasing the wiper mechanism on my 1990 300TD Estate, due to the fact that it had the early, screwed on aluminium rather than plastic clip on wiper mechanism cover (and not having read the suggestion to drill a hole in the bottom of the...
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    c280 Windscreen wiper

    I went out this morning to pick the family up from the railway station and cleared the snow. The wipers worked first off but then, as I subsequently found out, snow had become compacted around the motor under the bonnet and the arm refused to work. Having cleared the snow the wiper motor can...

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