1. Dan Tanna

    4-Year-Old C Class Coupe Wiring Failure - Quoted £9,000!

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe 250D AMG-Line Premium Plus, 30k miles. My boot stopped opening the other day - wouldn't open at all. Took it into Mercedes dealership (I have an extended warranty). They came back and said 11 wires on the left and 5 on the right were all broken. Extended warranty...
  2. N

    Mercedes SL R230 2007 boot leak not a regular leak - Help!

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help please. I purchased a 2007 SL and have noticed water in the boot. I have checked the regular leak points and it is NOT the C Pillar and all seals are in tact. All drains clear and working as expected. All carpets are dry. There is a set of wires that run...
  3. B

    Broken wires door hinge w215 - London shop recommendation?

    Seems like some of the wires in the drivers door have broken, definitely the ones for the speakers and also suspecting the soft close. Only had the car for about 2 weeks but I guess I knew what I was getting into! Complete newbie when it comes to fixing this so thinking that it might be...
  4. J

    c230k missfire on #3 then nothing firing

    Hello all, My 1999 W202 C230K developed a missfire last week, I had to use it for a few days to get to work. At the weekend I removed the spark plugs and found number three cylinder plug fouled. (I didn’t on this occasion remove the battery earth lead :Oops:) after reconnecting everything I...
  5. T

    Mystery connectors beneath my Stereo..?

    Hi folks! I've discovered two mystery connectors underneath the Stereo in my old 300TE 24. Here's some pictures :- http://www.zworld.demon.co.uk/mystery_connector_01.jpg http://www.zworld.demon.co.uk/mystery_connector_02.jpg...
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