2006 sprinter 416 cdi drive train noise


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Jun 28, 2013
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malton north yorkshire
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sprinter 416 cdi 2006
Good morning all.
looking for some inspiration!!!!!
got a 2006 416cdi sprinter with the worst drive train noise ive heard and could swear it the gearbox. The noise is only apparent when hard accelerating or decelerating and is totally gone when coasting with clutch pressed. unfortunatly it has had a new gearbox/clutch/flywheel and prop but the noise is still there :( . the noise is most apparent towards the front of the vehicle around the gearbox area thus making me reluctant to change the diff or complete axle. if anyone can shine a glimmer of light on this it would be great.
cheers folks.
oh by the way its a ambulance thats had 340000 hard miles!!!!!

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