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Jan 23, 2018
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W251 (R-Class) / 2007 / 320 CDI
I have an ADS switch in my R 320 CDI (sport/comfort), which lights up but does not seem to change anything. I would describe the suspension as always too stiff ( I own this car since a few weeks and I have no comparison what it should feel like).
The airmatic is working fine, I had just had it repaired as the compressor seemed to work too much and there was a leak somewhere that has been closed. I DON‘T have that common issue of the car losing height overnight or being out of balance. It is just that seemingly non-reacting suspension mode switch.
Can someone point me to some possible sources of the issue that I can relay to my mechanic?
Thank you very much!


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Jul 29, 2014
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the suspension can lock you out if the compressor stops or a leak is detected and it just maintains the ride height and suspension setting it was at when it went into this safety mode... I think if the way the car is sitting is OK it can stay like this without throwing a light on the dash

pretty sure mine was like this for more than 6 months.... before I loaded the car with a heavy load and it started to play up.... once I had a new compressor the change of both height and firmness on the suspension was back to normal

did the person working on the car have decent diagnostics kit?
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