Best place to buy a air suspension compressor ?? 2006 W221 320 'S' class


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Apr 1, 2019
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E320CDI 2004 - straight 6 diesel
OK here is an update, the compressor i fitted 5 mths ago (Ebay purchase) had an airline crack in the body, the one i got of ebay stated it was new and had a 2 year warranty, when i got in touch with them they tell me they only except back within 2 weeks and best they can do is sell me another one at a reduced price (Told them what they could do with that offer) so have had a re-manufactured one fitted from mercedes and that has a 2 year warranty. Has for the ebay purchase i dont hold much hope of getting my money back ! just mark it up to experience .
Raise it with eBay?

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