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Apr 18, 2009
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Help, Being my first post, apologies for the length.
I have a c220 cd1 2003
Money tight so not serviced for a while, Clutch slipping so put the car in for the clutch.
Other issues are lumpy running, black smoke on high accelerations.

I hoped that changing the fuel filter and oil, (mini service) would correct the last two items. This now DONE.

Got the car back, (clutch OK) (drives good) only Driven 10 miles or so, some hard acceleration to check for smoke. Still Smoking and lumpy on tick over so checked the posts here on the forum and decided to the follow some of advice.
MASS, disconnect and run engine etc. smoking less on high accelerations, re-connected still seemed to be less smoke,
I drove down the road. Bang and power loss.
I removed a very dirty air filter, found the intercooler pipe connected from the turbo end (with the metal insert and clip is blowing off when the revs up to 3500.
On inspection the plastic retention moulding that holds the retaining clip / ring seems to be broken. The pipe clips in firmly but I’m sure that the plastic is broken. Although a firm tug it holds.

I have removed all pipes, cleaned them, there is some oiling at the intake side of the engine at the intercooler, (right hand side of the radiator) I have not been any where near the intercoolor, only the pipes that I could see and access.

My Questions,
1…… is there normally a lot of pressure at the turbo and would a slightly damaged clip retainer fail, or is there other reason.
1A……. No air filter. is this OK for short time or does this unbalance the airflow to cause the blow-out.
2……..as the car drove home from the garage OK and the blowouts occurred after disconnecting various connectors? Is there another reason for the failure?
3……..Could the removal and the replacement of a clutch in any way have led to the damage to this retaining housing. Either by not disconnecting and suffering strain damage???? Or heavy handed removal???
4….if I replace this clip housing hose. Will it still blow??????

Suggestions to help me please?


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Dec 1, 2008
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Its common for the retaining clips to loose their edge, hence blowing past the retaining clips.

The pressure produced by the turbo is in the high psi values, so if the clip is weak it will blow pipe straight off.

Straight fix for this fault is to replace the turbo pipe, due to the pressure involved the retaining lug has now gone round and unable to perform its fixing.

This fault is due to boost pressure and nothing to do with clutch,

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Apr 18, 2009
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Thanks, really appriciate your help

I appriciate that noting to do with the clutch, just wondered if a clumsy machanic doing the clucth could have caused strain damage.....still
Im now looking for the part. Any help on good source non mb parts? and where to look for the part number???

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