C240 V6 timing chain woes, new head gasket


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Oct 21, 2009
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So I just did one headgasket on my 2001 C240 with the M112 2.6l V6, I forgot to remove the timing cahin tensioneer before popping the cam gear off. I had the chain zip tied to the gear, and im doing the right head (pass side of the vehicle if you in the USA) where cyl 1, 2, 3 are.

Anywho, When the cam gear popped off the cam it jumped pretty hard. I think the crank gear slipped on the chain. I dont think the left side jumped, cause its wrapped pretty good over that gear. Now I know about the 4 copper links and lining up the marks withg the timing case cover off, but id really like to avoid that if i can. I loosed up both rocker assemblies to close the valves so i could rotate the engine. I did the left side first, and it woul dstill hit a valve, so i loosend up the right side also. and then i could rotate the engine freely. I can see the copper link lined up on the right cam gear...even after rotating the engine numerious times. The picture I have from alldata shows some reference for the cam gear, and it looks good. Its off 2 teeth on the pass side if the chain is in teh right spot, but i still dont know aboiut the crank. I had to loosed both rocker arm assemblies to get be able to turn the engine without a valve being smacked, which tells me that the crank is off.

Anyone have reference marks or soemthing they can tell me like set it to TDC and count teeth on the cam gears? any info would be appreciated!



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Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Mark..I should be able to let you have the info later in the day

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