Camshaft issue w213


Jul 27, 2020
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W213 2.0d
Hi guys just wanting a bit of advice..

Car is with the dealer at the moment with a camshaft problem. Have been told camshaft has failed. The car had broken down 11 months ago and it got 2 camshafts and all the bits that go along with fitting it. The car was out of warranty at the time so this was all to my own cost.

So now the car has broken down again and the dealer have asked for 3.5 hours labour to investigate further saying that this labour cost will be covered if it is of fault of the last repair. So they know the camshaft is damaged are they just looking for something to blame on the problem so they don't have to foot the bill?

From the last repair the car has done around 45000 mile and has been serviced by a Mercedes specialist. Any help or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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