CLK320 Hood not working - help please


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May 11, 2009
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Hi Folks - I have a 2000 clk320 and the roof has died. Took it to Merc who say no malfunctions on the computer, but they think the pump is running a little hot? and would love to replace it for £1700 plus labour and VAT. Either that or the whole structure is ceased. We know thats not the case as we manually opened and closed it without any problems.

Before it stopped working the catch that opens behind the rear seats seemed to be a little noisy, but the other half has had a look and says cant any problem with it.

Has anyone else had or solved this problem. I see on the forum that this seems to be a common fault with Mercs, but no-one has posted an answer that I can see.

I would be grateful for any suggestions ( apart from getiing rid of it, which is what my other half wants to do).

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