E270 cdi W211 engine knocking

The Ben

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Jul 21, 2008
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so to another problem with dads car that looks to be solved with the help of the fountain of knowlege on this forum, another problem needs to be sorted...

A knocking noise at low engine speed/idling when say manovering around a car park or our drive. This is more prevelent when starting from cold, it start fine and then after about 4/5 seconds, the car doesnt idle properly and you can hear a knocking noise comming form the engine gets slightly louder as you rev the engine. You can't really hear it when your driving along, not sure if the knocking goes or cant hear it over the road noise....

Any ideas. Its going in the Merc dealers next week or week after, but if its something that can be sorted at home and save some £££ then id rather that!
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