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Dec 17, 2018
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s204 C200 CDI Blue Efficiency MY2012, w245 B200 CDI Facelift
Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying an engine support bar to widen the range of jobs I can do myself on my two Mercs. But I don't know much about these bars. Does anyone know if with a bar you can easily replace engine mounts? I'm interested about this job on 651 and 640 engines. In particular on the 640 engine I'd have to lower lightly the engine to replace the belt tensioner and pulleys. I'd work with car on ramps, so slightly sloping. Is it safe? Does anyone of you use a support bar regularly? I think it's way better than jacking the oil pan or trans pan, but I have no experience. In my w204 the space on the fender on which putting the bar feet seems quite narrow, I don't know if it's compatible. Thanks for the advices and have a nice day

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