ESP vito tourer due fault SCM

mohammed khan

Jul 24, 2020
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vito Tourer 2015

Took my car to Mercedes-Benz and they told me my ESP light is due to faulty steering column module which is also called squib or indicator stalk..i bought the item and installed it myself but the ESP light came back within 2 seconds of moving the vehicle...I also felt that steering moved itself when i was doing 3 point turn..

Does the unit need reprogramming after installation?

I diagnosed the issue privately and the guy told me its the steering angle sensor thats faulty however the guy at Mercedes-Benz told me that angle sensor is located near the knee area and isn't part of the squib..

Vito tourer 2015. Drives fine as if nothing is wrong but i can't sell it due to ESP light on.

Can anyone help please?
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