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Jul 22, 2015
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I really hope you guys can help me. I'm not sure If i have got the right thread but basically I am trying to sell my late dad's Merc C180 (pictured)

before he passed away suddenly last September he had made it his little project on restoring the car. It was fully serviced and MOT but since I have left it way too long to bring myself to sell it. it has run out.

My dad really loved this car and looked after it really well as you can see the pictures show that it has been sat on our drive for a while and needs a good wash! My dad used to be a Taxi driver and had used this car for his work so it does have a high mileage.

The car is in good working order and is really looking for a loving home to someone who will take good care of it as well as my dad did.

I would really appreciate some advice on what options you can think of or even if anyone would be interested please PM me and I will happily answer your questions as best I can.

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