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    Wanted - w176 brake caliper 330 x 22

    Evening all, I'm in the market for a new rear passenger side caliper piston unit as I broke mine trying to repair it Iv searched around and found a couple on ebay but the delivery isn't until around the 6th or 7th of January and I'm meant to head back to work on the 3rd. Motor doesn't have...
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    Seeking Help/Advice - 1989 190E

    Morning all, I inherited what was my Grandad's car, a 1989 190E. It was only used a little on Guernsey and then very rarely used towards the end of his life (it's only done 50k). The engine is in great shape. There's some minor rust on the bodywork and interior is in OK condition. My sister had...
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    SL55 autotrader -- wide range in pricing

    Happy new year one and all! It's now January which means it's almost time for me to get my SL55. So I've been looking at autotrader (every day!) and it seems that there are quite a few for sale and quite a wide range of prices. ie. I see a 2003 model with 70k, black and pan roof and mid-range...
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    Hello, I really hope you guys can help me. I'm not sure If i have got the right thread but basically I am trying to sell my late dad's Merc C180 (pictured) before he passed away suddenly last September he had made it his little project on restoring the car. It was fully serviced and MOT...
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    Selling my C250 any idea of price and best place to advertise?

    hi all, I am looking at selling my c250 cdi AMG sports plus coupe due to a change in job and was just wondering what a good price for this would be? Is on a 62 plate and has done 31400 miles. Any info would be great. Thanks, Chris
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    Want constructive help in selling my CLK

    Hi there, I have advertised my CLK several times now and hit a blank. Not one single phone call, or e-mail that wasn't a scammer trying to get me to send their shipping agent money. Ebay barely got going, my car getting no-where near the reserve, and other, far lesser models fetching...
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    Where is best to sell my 124 series?

    Hi all I have a 1995 E220 Coupe (my second one) and I love it but need to sell as I have no space. Where would you recommend posting it for sale? I'm keen to get it in front of genuine MB enthusiasts like you but the link on this forum seems to go to a different company. Any thoughts...
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    C280 sport amg

    C280 sport amg for sale hi everyone sadly ive decided to sell my much loved car as i just dont use her and seems a waste to have such a nice car sat about doing nothing so thought i would ask if anyone was interested if so please get in touch i advertised it yesterday as a private add on ebay...

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