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Apr 30, 2009
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2001 230K SLK
Bear with me on this, it could get long winded! :lol:

When I fitted the amp to my stereo on the weekend the best place to fit it was on the back of the steel plate at the front of the passenger footwell, next to the transmission control unit.

However, with the plate removed there was a corrugated pipe hanging down behind it that didn't go anywhere. It couldn't be a drain as the footwell would flood!

Anyway I've managed to track it down and it looks to be item 80 here: http://www.partscatalog.ru/mercedes/1/car/170/449/66E/170.449/66E/54/080

The description says its a hose from equipment box to interior blower which I assume is item 40. I didn't bother to look at where it should be connected at the time but maybe I should go back in there and have a better look.

What I can't understand though is why the equipment box is connected to a blower. To keep it warm? Dry? What controls the blower or is it the heater blower?

Can anyone with an intimate knowledge of SLK electrics enlighten me?
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