how to fix a wagon 3rd door ??


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Jun 24, 2009
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i don't know how you call it , but its the trunk door or 3rd door...
any ways my trunk door keeps on closing, it even got me ( hit on the head)
i cant see no hydraulic shock or hinges with spring so i can replace it

the car is a 1990 wagon 300te

does any body had this bad experience?
any advice to fix it ?



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Oct 10, 2007
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Your Mercedes
1995 W124 E300D TE
The hydraulic struts are there! - they are very short and should be very strong. They fit inside the roof panel, and push on the hinge. Much more discrete than the more typical strut installations on lesser motor cars!

Get a pair of new struts ready before starting work.

Remove the small screws fastening the rear headlining trim to the back of the lip of the tailgate opening. Slide the trim out towards the back - you may need to release the trim from the side window rubbers - especially so if someone has previously sealed the area with silicone or similar.

You'll then be able to just see the struts i each corner. Drop the fabric headlining down - IIRC there is one screw on each side which should give you enough room.

Get an assistant to hold the tailgate fully open.

Bend back the metal tang which holds the inner pin, and then remove the pin.

From the outside, you should be able to remove the clip and pin from the other end.

You should be able to get the strut out at this point. IIRC, it comes into the car rather than out of the back. You'll have a rubber seal to contend with too.

Replacement is the reverse of removal.


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Mar 6, 2006
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East Scotchland
3rd door?

Do you have a coupe-estate?

I had a w124 estate, and it's only now that Number Chruncher has said it that I realise there were no struts visible. What a cool design! (until it comes to changing them I suppose!)

PS. It's called a tailgate.
PPS. You use your tailgate to access the boot.
PPPS. Your engine is under the bonnet.

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