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Mar 26, 2009
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C200 elegance auto 1998.Problem first started in January this year. Car started o.k. there was a slight "clunk" and a slight lurch forward when I put it into Drive ,when driving away noticed that there were a number of lights on on the dash so I stopped ,switched off ,tried to restart with absolutely no response ,wouldn't even try to turn over. Breakdown bloke got it restared by "shorting out" ?? starter motor ,got to a garage where the car seemed to be perfect ,starting every time .They diagnosed a possible starter motor fault and changed it. Car ran fine for nearly two months until I started it one day and the same "clunk" and lurch forward when put int drive , various lights stying on on ,like handbrake , oil light etc. and the rev. counter not working at all and car wouldn't change gear but seemed to be stuck in one gear.Breakdown people towed me to a mercedes specialst garage, when we got the car off the tow van it started fine and everything seemed to be normal ! Mercedes guys kept the car for two days and couldn't find anything wrong even after putting it on diagnostics and starting and driving it frequently. Will be very grateful for any input ........thanks "bewildered "


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Mar 14, 2005
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Your Mercedes
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I would check the earth straps connections on the battery and engine end where they join to the body

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