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Jul 4, 2014
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I have a 1996 Hymer A Class motor home which sits on a 1996 Sprinter 412D 2.9l Left Hand Drive Auto chassis unit plated at 4.6 tonnes. (602 engine)

The existing exhaust system has no CAT and if you are looking from the front of the vehicle the exhaust down pipe is on the left side of the engine and goes to a largish single muffler box and then the exit pipe from the box crosses over the top of the drive shaft to exit on the driver side (LHD) about 4ft behind the drivers door.

My system is fine at present, but I am off across European a long trip down to Greece in the Autumn and I want to replace it before I have my MOT in July.

Does anyone know of an exhaust specialist who could fit an exhaust for a LHD Sprinter or fabricate the pipe from where it leaves the muffler box. Continental motor homes, have the main habitation door on the opposite side from the steering wheel, so the exit pipe must be on the driver side.

Many thanks.

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