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Aug 4, 2009
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Hi there MB fans ! I share the Mercedes passion and I am looking for my next one in GB . I am from Bulgaria – small country between Greece , Turkey and Romania . I’ve had ’92 W123 , ’95 W124 , ;77 W116 , ’98 Sprinter and ’02 Smart Convertible . But they are all history now except the ’77 W116 and two older MBs that I restore . The reason I joined this forum is because I am looking for Mercedes Benz S Class (W140) . From all I’ve read till now I chose the S500 as Top 1 in my chart . And I think that I could get offers here for one of these . I saw a lot of them on google , youtube , autotrader and so on . I have to admit that I don’t know what are the extras for each model (S280 , S320 , S420 , S 500 , S600) and I might say something funny but here are my criteria .The car should be :

1996 REG and later , Rust free and serviced , LPG Converted , Up to 150000miles , Light leather interior , All the possible extras – electrics , vacuum doors , parktronic , reclining seats and every possible gadget it can have (Fridge too :cool: ) . Man I am greedy :D but I feel great pleasure only thinking of it .. Imagine me while driving :rolleyes: The maximum price sould be around 2000 GBP . Both RHD and LHD is fine (I doubt to find a LHD for this price but still .)

Anyway .. You can send me another offers too (not completely matching what I want) . I’ll be happy to look them all .

My e-mail is hak_everange@abv.bg
(Please add pics)

I have planned a trip to GB around 20-25th August . Feel free to send offers and ask questions .
So .. help the little boy to get his S Class :D
Thank you in advance .

Greetings , Angel !

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