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Morning all dads (and moms out there)

Thank you to those who tracked down my Q.

I had a very decent check of the car (CLS 500) inc test drive and everything checks out (full MB SH, no advisory’s, 46000MIL OK), bar 1 thing. I would be grateful if anyone please tell me what the small square plastic box is to the right (and below) the oil filter. It has a plastic screw cap and when I looked under the cap it has 1 or 2 small specks of white fluid. I wasn’t overly concerned at the time as the rest of the car was fine.

Stupid thing to put a £200 deposit down I know but it was, as still is a lovely car and it was whispering terrible things into my ear, but now that I have had time to doubt myself could anyone please fill in the huge gaps in my knowledge as I am willing to lose the deposit if it could be a big issue?

Thanks again



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Jun 25, 2012
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I would say from the location you describe that it is the power steering fluid reservoir, which sits on top of the pump.

I have no idea what specks of white fluid may be, nor what they are doing there. Without a photo for example, it would be almost impossible to guess whether it is a problem or not.


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You're smack on

Cheers Corned, I checked what it looked like on google images and you are smack on so TYVM indeed. I can rest a bit easier now.

Roll on CLS 500 and MB ownership for the first time.:D

Cheers again


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