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Jul 29, 2009
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Dear All - I currently drive a 2000MY Audi S4, and it's time for a change to something different and a little fresher. I'm keen on 90s Q cars, and the C36 seems to offer performance without many of the pitfalls of the E36 M3 - and it's a bit more subtle!
Just wondering if anyone can comment on the driving dynamics and performance (and confirm accurate figures, which seem to vary).

There are a couple of very clean looking ones on P'Heads with 60-odd and sub 50k on them. Anything in particular to look out for? I read varying reports from 'bulletproof' to lists of likely failures, from head gaskets to wiring looms..

Feedback from long-term ownership would be good - and my feeling is that with a good eyeballing and a detailed history I SHOULD be ok...

Thanks for your time

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