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Jul 16, 2009
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Hi i have recently become a Merc convert , i have purchased an E200 CDi. X reg. ive insured it and the details have come back as a E220 CDi, when this was noted , i checked with the log book , which shows the engine capacity as 1997 and the model as E200 yet the insurance have insured me as a 2156. I checked to see if mine was just swallowed up in the huge amount of different model numbers available and was really a 220, but its not its a 200, ( it says this on the back), but its a diesel, when i know there are 200 petrols. I ran a simple search on autotrader and cant find a 200 it just the rarer model or is it classed as 220. it certainly doesnt pull like a train, but comfort and luxury for my 100 mile a day round trip is perfection.
Also hoping not to be known for asking daft questions, i have a set of audi rs 4 alloys,17", which look similar in style to some of the AMG models i have seen, ( 5 spoke) with the possibilty of locating some centre caps for these wheels would they fit my Merc?.
many thanks in advance for any replies Steve.

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Jul 9, 2009
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Your Mercedes
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there were a few 200 cdi 203s. your first 6 numbers on chassis will confirm eg 203 004 or 203 007 is a 200 cdi saloon. 203 006 or 203 008 is a 220 cdi saloon.
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