Mercedes 300TE M130 Engine with CAT / Idling / fuel consumption


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Jun 1, 2007
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Hello Folks,
just look for somebody has made the same experiences.
I have a 300TE with the M130 Engine. The problem is ruff ideling when warm and high fuel consumption. This is one of the first produced Cars wit an catalytic converter installed.
The Injection system and KE was given an full overhaul by me but still the same symptoms.
The KE is now switched to the "non Cat" version so we don't need to bother the O" Sensor.
The fuel / air ratio is OK.

The engine is also getting quite hot (from the outside) compared with other M130 Engines I had before. The last chance is that the catalytic converter is blocked somehow.
Can somebody share this experience or does somebody have an uses mid Exhaust box for sale for testing it?


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