Mercedes C220 CDI EPC Light first start problems


Jan 30, 2009
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Hiya people, Im having a problem with my 2001 C220 CDI! when I first got the car (Dec 2008) the car use to start first time in the mornings, but now every morning on the first start in the morning, the car starts and just cuts off after 3 sec! and then after about 8-10 attempts, kicking on the pedal like a b**ch it starts! I thought it was the service as it was due for a B one, got that done now, but its still the same! also sometimes when driving the engine cuts of without warning, and a EPC light comes on, something about "elec pedal control, visit workshop" could it have something to do with the pedal sensor/control??


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Apr 2, 2004
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Air in the fuel supply side. Suspect air leak at the fuel filter or in the o rings or connections? If so its not getting fuel and the fact that she fires first suggests there is no fuel. I just had the very same problem

If its like some other models is doesnt have a traditional accelerator, its drive by wire. Possibly pumping the pedal as you try to start is causing that. First off check for air getting into the fuel line.

Have you checked your injectors? The seals have a habit of developing leaks and leaving great amounts of carbon on the top of the engine.

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