mercedes sprinter luton oil leak


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Jun 30, 2009
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hi and thanks all i have been reading through the forums and found what is wrong with the vehicle i have had parked outside my house for 12 months yes 12 months,

i was told the cause of the white smoke blooming out the exhaust was piston rings, so have been searching for a cheap engine, anyway someone told me if it drives, and turns over perfectly ok, then it is not the rings

i replaced the turbo as i thought it was that a while ago, cleaned the exhaust out, so now after now being convinced by you lot that it is the head gasket as, something someone else as said on here is exactly what a mechanic told me last week, i am going to do the head gasket my self, i know this is a massive job, every time i look at it it scares me, i used to do petrol engines alot when i was young and have changed many heads, but wow this as 5 cylinders,

anyway to the point as anyone got any links to a manual, i need the torgue settings as well as other little technical bits

would be much appreciated (ignore my bad spelling).

thanks in advance

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