Mercedes W124 Emissions Test.......


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Nov 13, 2008
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Essex, UK
Hi guys... Just browsing over my MOT certificate and looked at my Emissions paper work...

How does this sound?

Fast Idle Check: Limit - NA... Actual Value - NA... Result - Passed
Engine speed - Manual Check - Pass
CO - Limit: <=0.200% Actual Value - 0.037% PASS
HC Limit <=200PPM Actual Value - 35PPM PASS
LAMBDA Limit 0.970-1.030 Actual Value - 1.010 PASS
Natural Idle CO Limit <=0.300% Actual Value - 0.041% PASS

So, how does this sound people? I thought the Lambda was a little high...

Car is a 1995 E280 W124

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