ML270 CDI W163 P1187/16 & P1187/32 (limp home mode)


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Jul 6, 2020
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Hi all<

Buddy of mine has a ML270 CDI W163 with about 150.000 miles on it. Unfortunately the car untill recently threw P1187/32 in combination with a complete engine stall around 4000RPM. This prompted us to start replacing parts starting with the common rail pressure sensor (OE used).

Injector O-rings have been replaced on this car recently (it was starting though to show injector leak though). The car always starts on the first go and seems to be running just fine (purrs like a kitten) leading me to believe the injectors are more likely a cause then the common rail pump. (is this a fair assumption????)

Unfortunately these replacements didnt work and in the meanwhile the problem has intensified (not because of the replacement parts) and the car now goes in limphome mode when exceeding 2000 RPM. It then throws P1187/16 as code .

We then changed the common rail pressure valve (for a new bosch one including new seals) but it did not fix the issue.

The car sooths quite a bit at low revs so I suspect the injectors. We will conduct a injector leak test soon, but I am sceptical if a good injector leak test automatically implicates fully functioning injectors (I think you can still get a good return test with faulty injectors).

Is there anyone who recognises these issues and can provide us with a good direction on what to fix next? What might cause this issue and why?

Looking forward to your reply!

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