Need Early History or Pre-History of Lang Designo or Custom Orders Prior 1994.

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Mar 18, 2018
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1994 320CE Sportline/AMG Cabriolet
I recently acquired a 1994 E320 Cabriolet Sportline originally ordered and delivered to a wealthy legacy patron in Switzerland. The car was ordered with many unique features but the most intriquing are a rare 3:69 ASR differential and a matching signal red Recaro / Sportline (?) leather Interior (see photos)

I would like to learn all I can about the early history of Daimler-Benz's custom orders divison and/or the early beginnings of the Lang Designo premium custom paint and interior package designs.
All I know that as far back as 1995 the group offered any custom interior on an S-Class a customer willing to pay enough, demanded. But I've also seen samples even earlier of S and E-Classes in Europe, with immaculate Mercedes-quality interiors in almost every style, color, fabric or leather imaginable.

Does anyone know the story of Lang Designo? Was it an independent studio similar to AMG? Or was it a name that was adopted by an existing Daimler division? I've heard that Mercedes has had a long history of in-house catering for its regular customers or anyone else who has enough money. Here's one that I know precedes the 1995 S-Class by almost a year and a half. Mercedes is in the process of "rebuilding" the car and they can only offer that perhaps Designo was responsible because the quality is excellent. One of the executives who occasionally worked on the car mentioned the Recaro seats from the era. But beyond that nobody in the Classic Center has any idea.

Any memories, references or sources that may lead to me being able to find out more about Mercedes Premium paint and interior offerings before 1996? I am not interested in 1997, unless the info offers a perspective on the early 90s.

Thanks for the help of all.


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