New here got a 2005 W203 with some issues, would like to know best course of action.


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Aug 26, 2020
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C320 CDI W203

As the topic says, I got a beautiful C320 CDI with relatively few miles (100,000) and full history. It is showing a few issues on the computer and I would love to know the most intelligent way to fix it. This is a list of the problems I have found. I was advised about going to a specialist, and would like also to hear opinions on that as it does sound logical, but I guess somethings are better for a specialist and some others can be done by myself at home (I do love to fix my own stuff, simple things at least).

1) ESP malfunction
2) ABS malfunction (intermittently the ABS light goes off and apparently this means it works?)
3) brakes will need change (the computer says so and the pads are indeed almost gone, I believe I should be able to do this no problem?)
4) diesel pre glow circuit failing (probably a worn out glow plug? the light on the dash comes and go, but the car starts without problem at least now that its not winter)
5) driving wheel is not straight needs adjustment (the car drives perfectly, it goes straight without touching the wheel)
6) cruise control doesn't work (I found that this is related to the ABS because intermittently it does work and the ABS light in the dashboard goes off)
7) the CD changer doesn't work
8) missing tweeter speaker on the left door
9) the clock cannot be setup (I have the manuals and follow it to the letter but the option is missing on the dashboard).
10) something about need to refill coolant, I need to be sure in which one to use

ANY info or help with the above issues will be greatly appreciated!!!
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