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May 2, 2010
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hi guys and girl i own a merc vito van v reg automatic and hoping of some advise
i was driving down the motor away today and i could feel a really slight judder
didnt think much of it and it went away, about 70miles down the on a b road
i started to here abit of a whining noise come from the engine then about 2 miles down the road the drive would go and the engine would rev like i was in netrual then drive would come back this happen for about 5 miles then the warning light come on and i lost drive completely i parked up for a bit then started the engine and i had drive then 100 yards down the road the light would come back on and i would lose drive again, in the end i would start the van and try to pull away and it was like a clutch slipping then lose drive completely.
i cant find any way of checking the trans fliud or top it up and any advice would be very apprciated

many thanks mark :D


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Jan 3, 2010
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Hello Mark,

Not having looked under the bonnet of a vito automatic,i say there should be some form of dip stick tube coming up from the gearbox. It may or may not have a dip stick in the tube. If not you would have to get an MB dealer or indie to check it for you. From your post i would suspect that the oil level was low and you have cooked the gearbox.

Somebody else may come along with a bit more info than me.



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Feb 10, 2001
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It could be low fluid or possibly a torque converter fault.

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