R170 Swimming Pool - Not factory fitted?

Creme Eds

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Hello all,

I've just joined, having had some spare money, no sense and bought an R170 SLK200 that I have no real use for. Whenever I buy something, it's invariably broken, so here I am asking questions. I'm quite good at contributing back once I've figured out how to fix things, so please be patient!

Whilst ripping the aged Nokia car kit out of the car, I had to remove most of the trim and the kickplate from the passenger footwell. I was delighted to find the car is built like a tank with a double floor but less than delighted to find it was full of water. The water seems to have got in through the interior fan chamber so...

I ripped the cover off the scuttle (The car is now in 100s of bits, I didn't actually want to drive the thing anywhere, obviously). Under there I found a single drain in the channel on the left hand side of the car, covered by a small rubber flap. It was pretty much silted up, and a bit of judicious poking and rinsing seems to have fixed that particular problem.

So, finally getting to the point:

1) Does that sound about right for what I think may be a common fault?
2) I found only the one drain - did I miss some?
3) On the LHS of the car, just above the drain, is what I can only describe as a gaping hole in the bulkhead, through which I can see the fan chamber. It's only a few cm above where the drain is, which equates to about a litre of water sitting above the blocked drain before it sloshes into the car. Should there be something over this hole (I'm thinking some expensive bit that I'm missing)?
4) What is the danger of getting to the other side of that rubber flap to clean it properly?



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hello and welcome,,you need to make sure that the hear box drain is not blocked,it comes out under the car and welcome to the forum,,its 320