1. S

    Sub Frame Issue on 2009 MB SLK

    I have just received the news, while having my 2009 SLK in for MOT, that the Rear Subframe needs Replacing due to corrosion. The MB dealership in Croydon have quoted me over £3k. o_O I thought it was a mistake, but seems this is a common issue/fault After doing some reseach, i am seeing...
  2. Davidjsch

    Newbie from North Wales

    Hi peps, just joined this group . Have a 2002 SLK 170 and a 2007 CLS 320 cdi.. love them both. have rebuilt most of the SLK but the CLS is original. wondered if there are any meets near Wrexham or Chester please? stay safe David
  3. A

    New SLK200 owner

    Good afternoon all, I have recently bought a 2000 SLK200 with a decent history. I have wanted one for a good few years and I have take the plunge and bought one. The one I have is a little rough on the body but the engine and 6 speed manual are strong and positive. I am an able DIY kind of blike...
  4. S

    Lights won't turn off in any position, draining battery, help!

    Hi I have a 2001 slk 200 kompressor that I'm trying to fix and get back on the road. The car has been sitting for a number months, Just replaced the oxygen sensor that was causing a fault code previously, but everything was running and working the way it should. Put a new battery in and noticed...
  5. H

    W124 Genuine Alloys or Refurb Monoblock

    Hello guys, My 1994 W124 Coupe started to loose pressure in the tyres quick and checked that it was due to some corrosion on the inner lip. It currently has 18” monoblock replicas, which came with the car when I bought it. 2 of the alloys have the problem, so should I get them fully refurbished...
  6. W

    Rear Suspension Torque Settings: SLK R170 3.2 V6

    I am about to rebuild the rear suspension on a 2002 SLK R170, 3.2 V6. Replacing the suspension arms and rear springs. Haynes do not do a manual for this model. Does anyone know the various torque settings for this rebuild? Thanks
  7. grahamwoodward

    Buying an R171 SLK

    Hi. My wife is looking to replace her 2001 R170 SLK 200 with an R171 model. We have a budget of £6-7k so would hope to get a 2006/7/8 car. Question is whether to go for an early SLK280 or a facelift SLK200. Our other car is a V6 E-class W211 (3.2 petrol) so the 280 is preferred. I've read that...
  8. M

    SLK 171 2009 (UK)- "Close Boot Separator Error"

    Hi all, I have an SLK 2009 (171) UK spec 1.8 Kompressor that has recently been giving me a "Close Boot Separator" error when trying to operate the vario roof. I have checked that the separator does close and latch correctly, which it does. The ONLY thing i've noticed is that the separator is...
  9. MBNuB

    R172 SLK alarm keeps going off

    The alarm on my wife's SLK has gone off unprompted twice in the last couple of days. Is there anything I should check? Or do we need the dealer to check it out? We're about to go on holiday and don't want to infuriate the neighbours while we're gone. No windows/doors left open/ajar. Any ideas?
  10. C

    AMG alloys on 2002 SLK Kompressor

    Will 18" AMG monoblock alloys fit on a 2002 Merc SLK Kompressor and if yes, any idea what tyre size should you use?
  11. TechnoWhizz

    SLK R170 Window Stop issue

    Hi all, This is my second SLK 230 1998 R170 with window problems. The first's stop that is onglass came off and had to be reglued -and worked fine. With my current mischievous Millie, the problem is that the window goes up and down fine, but it overshoots the top window stop (towards the door...
  12. darkling

    SLK (R171) GPS aerial location?

    My satnav (COMAND N2.5) is having trouble working out where it is. On the full-screen map, it says it has no satellites visible. That suggests to me that the aerial is damaged/misplaced/disconnected. From what I can see online, most cars have it on the rear window, but clearly that would be a...
  13. P

    Help Need SLK R170, Heavy post

    Hi People, I really need some help please, I have an early SLK R170, and have a starting issue, basically it won't start or even crank over. History: Drove the car out of our garage at home and parked on the drive for a couple of days, all was fine, (no issues before with anything) Come to...
  14. J


    Hi, I joined up today with the hope I may get some good advice from you guys. I am looking to buy a 2013+ SLK amg in a few months. I am just struggling to decide which type of fuel/transmission to choose. Even though I am not a fan of how the diesels sound I decided cost wise a diesel...
  15. B

    1996 Mercedes SLK 230 won't start

    Help! Our 1996 Mercedes SLK 2298 cc won't start. The ignition turns on OK. But when I turn the key to crank nothing. If I apply 12V to the starter solenoid the starter cranks and engages but engine will not start. Tried turning the key a few times and then it started. Off and on again OK. But...
  16. M

    Tyres for SLK 230

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a little help / guidance please relating to a full set of new tyres for my SLK230 (R170, 2004). I’m currently running on ContiSport Contacts: Front: 205/55-16R 91W; and Rear: 225/50-16ZR 92W. I’m not a fan of mixing brands of tyres. The car is really...
  17. TechnoWhizz

    Hello from Rugby U.K.

    Hi Everyone, Just a quickie to say "Hello" to my fellow MB'ers I'm currently on my second Mercedes, a ML500 2003 W163 Black with LPG conversion. As with my previous car (my beloved SLK230 sitting on the drive for next spring) I seem to have a lot to learn about the inner workings of this...
  18. T

    R170 mudflaps?

    Hi All, Going to look tomorrow at an R170 SLK, looks like might be a well kept second car and I am hoping good bodywork. It has mudflaps which makes me wonder if there is any rust underneath but they look fitted. Here are pics: Got me...
  19. T

    Beginner SLK R170 pre and post rust maintenance

    Really appreciating the benefit of the wisdom on here regarding buying an R170 SLK, what to be wary off etc. It seems as likely as anything I may buy a cheaper car with the seemingly very common wheel arch rust and get the body work done or keep searching for a mint one. More likely the former...
  20. T

    Anyone online for quick buying advice from the experts?

    Hi, You guys have been the oracle when it comes to researching buying an old R170 I've found a 200k manual 6 speed 2002 special edition with 74,000 miles from a dealer. He's doing a new MOT and dealing with a tiny bit of badly treated bubbling. Checked the jack tubes for rust and the...

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