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Feb 1, 2021
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Slk 200 R171 2007/2008
Greetings all,

Maybe unfortunately a member may have come across as similar issue. I have a problem with a rattle in the dashboard which has got in progressively worse over the past few months.

The car is a slk200 r171 early 2008 with 95k and drives perfectly and was almost rattle free especially after lots of TLC on the roof, trunk and boot area!!!

The rattle seems to be in the top centre of the dash but could be traveling from somewhere else. Only occurrs when cold in D ( not sport just comfort) at idle. Once the car has warmed up 30 min it mostly goes.

I’ve taken out the glove box, whole centre consol etc etc and had a good pock around and no joy. The heater matrix doesnt move and I pipes at the firewall don’t seem to be moving or vibrating.

As soon as revs increase a fraction it goes until I stop at lights. I live in central London so this is a lot.

Hard lock on steering makes no difference. Adjusting heater blend motors changes nothing. Windscreen is solid and wiper motors are secure.

Recently it has some work on the engine (injectors, MAF, service, filters, fuel filter and various front suspension bits like roll bar) We were under the car a lot and it all seemed fine as did the very ‘efficient’ MOT guy who gave the whole car a good shake around.

I’m thinking it could be a problem at the fire wall but not sure what could be hitting or a transmission mount?? No shifting problems

Aircon doesn’t affect it

If anyone has any ideas or a similar problems then any help would be greatly



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