1. I

    Rattle in dashboard Slk200 R171

    Greetings all, Maybe unfortunately a member may have come across as similar issue. I have a problem with a rattle in the dashboard which has got in progressively worse over the past few months. The car is a slk200 r171 early 2008 with 95k and drives perfectly and was almost rattle free...
  2. R

    Caring owner to an R171 SLK 200 1.8 Kompressor

    **NEWBIE HERE!** Hi Guys! Owner of a 2007 Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor in Metalic Obsedian Black with the Sports Pack Trim and factory fitted AMG body kit. Owned the car since April 2016 and it has been a brilliant drive, and a fun versatile vehicle. Some might call it a “Hairdressers car” -...
  3. Chrishazle

    R171 SLK280 MB Mud Flaps Fitted!

    Acquired a genuine set of brand new genuine MB mud flaps for my R171 facelift SLK280 a while ago, managed to remove the little "winglets" from the rear of the wheel arches (first part of the fitting instructions) OK, tried to fit the rear OS flap, no success so handed the job to local vaillage...
  4. B

    Help needed please 56 plate R171 200SLK not starting

    My wife’s 200 SLK R171 has been the apple of my eye since we got it. But she put petrol in this morning and it won’t start. The AA have attended and have checked fuses, ”switching” and fuel delivery, but haven’t checked somewhere they can’t get at below the supercharger. When you unlock it then...
  5. datasmog

    [Spares] Car Cover for SLK200 R171

    Stormforce All Weather 4 Layer car cover fits an SLK200 R171 Roadster. I used this once for 3 months of last winter and it's in perfect undamaged condition. Complete with all straps and in it's original carry bag. This is a top quality car cover currently retailing at £166 new. £110 including...
  6. Graham couch

    Graham from Burnley

    hi thanks for the ad, my slk 200 is my first merc and I love it, although it has a few niggling electrical problems it runs great especially with the roof down. One of them is the centre break light occasionally fails when I put the roof down but comes back on when it goes back up? Oh and the...
  7. Graham couch

    SLK200 sudden misfire?

    hi my SLK200 suddenly started misfiring as though it was only running on two cylinders, also the engine light came on, however when I turned off the engine and restarted it, it started running fine, although the engine light is still on and has run ok ever since, any ideas guys?
  8. N

    New guys!!

    Evening!!! My dad has just got himself a 2009 SLK 200 Kompressor r171 which has become somewhat of a passion For him. I must admit, I'm also enjoying driving it!!! Anyway, we have been trawling the web, looking for the elusive fitted tub style boot liner. Can anyone help us with this, or any...
  9. S

    SLK350 Rebuild

    Hi all, Almost completed a rebuild of a 2005 SLK350 that was written off in an accident a few years ago. I have an electrical issue or two to resolve but happy to help anyone else with queries if I can from what I've learnt along the way. I'm not a mechanic, just a keen amateur. Likewise, if...
  10. paulg4042

    [Wanted] Head unit for a SLK 200 R171 on 2004

    Hi I am looking for a head unit for my SLK on a 2004. Please contact me if you have or know where I might source one from? I have contacted Dronsfields Merc and waiting for them to reply back.
  11. A

    R171-SLK350 Headlights

    Guys, The headlights of my SLK 350 have had ongoing discoloration issues. The plastic gets a thick yellow coat that makes them look very old. They have been treated with different products said to be the best in the industry. But nothing has worked. They were even treated at a MB dealership...
  12. E

    Parts Mercedes-Benz SLK (R171) - Pair of Genuine Door Sill Protectors - Original OEM

    Mercedes-Benz SLK (R171 2005 - on) - Pair of Door Sill Protectors Hi Everyone, I posted these items under the "For Sale" thread before I found this eBay thread, so copied it here as well. This set of door sill protectors were fitted to my new 2005 SLK R171 when I collected it from my...
  13. E

    [Spares] Mercedes-Benz SLK (R171) - Pair of Genuine Door Sill Protectors - Original OEM

    Mercedes-Benz SLK (R171 2005 - on) - Pair of Door Sill Protectors This set of door sill protectors were fitted to my new 2005 SLK R171 when I collected it from my Mercedes-Benz dealer. After one week I had the sills changed for the illuminated type. These sills have been stored since one...
  14. M

    R171 SLK Fog/Driving lamp replacement

    How do I replace a faulty front driving lamp bulb? The assembly seems to be part of the front spoiler. Do I need to put the car on a ramp to drop off the under tray or get access via the wheel arch. Any help would be valuable. Thanks

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