S350 W220 Online Service Manual?


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Jul 9, 2013
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2003 S350 W220
Hi folks,

Im looking at a 2003 S350 (German assembled, Australian delivered). It has ~165K on the clock.

Any tips on what to look for? I've read a bit about the suspension possibly being problematic. Ill be getting an autoclub check done on it but just want to know what I can look for in the first instance.

Also, can anyone point me to an online service manual or similar resource that will show me what should be replaced when? E.g. transmission, pumps, hoses, etc. I dont want to take it in for a service and handed a report only to find half the drivetrain is due for replacement. (I used to own a 300CE and found out when I took it in for its first service it was due for a new transmission owing to the age of the vehicle. I didnt replace it - it would have cost more than the vehicle cost me! - and eventually sold the car to a friend, who got 12 months out of it before if cr*pped itself. :b )


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