SL280 / R129 Bumper Removal & Fitting Front & Rear Parking Sensors



Some may consider this to be sacrilege but I have today fitted front and rear parking sensors to my SL280. I have searched the forums for threads about this topic but unless I am mistaken there isn't one describing how to go about doing the job. The sensor kit was from eBay - £24.99 and is typical of these kits. I haven't described how to wire up the controller box etc because the instructions come with the kit and are straightforward. The total job took about 5 hours - three of those was spent working out how to route cables from the front to the back of the car. I have loaded up the photos and added commentary to each one describing the task stage by stage. This can be read by hovering the cursor over the photo or clicking on it. I dont know why but they have loaded in reverse order so start at the end photo and work backwards.
I am not sure how to link this Thread to my photo album but have added a link to the below tag and hope that it works....If it doesn't could someone advise me how to do it. Thanks...
Off to play with the car now.............


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Oct 26, 2006
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Has the link been removed? I would like to read but the Tag takes me to the post. Help please


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Hi Dick

The photos are still there but I don't know how to link them correctly to my post. The only way I can find to do it is if you click on my screen-name 'Stevitee' at the top left of my original post it will take you to my profile and on the right hand side of that page you'll see a photo of the car and a link below that takes you to the photos. Sorry, it's a bit of a clunky route but it gets you there. If anyone knows the correct way to set this up I'd be grateful for any guidance. Thanks.

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