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SLK 230 ESP ABS Limp Home Mode

Discussion in 'Electrics, Vacuum, Ignition and ECU' started by DavidWMJones, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. DavidWMJones

    DavidWMJones Guest


    Great Forum people. Hello to you all. This is my first post so hopefully it is in the right place.

    I have an SLK230 2003. The ABS and ESP lights came on a while ago, but I just ignored it as drove ok and I didn't have the cash (£60) for MB check.

    Now, a week later it's gone into limp home mode.

    I've tried changing the brake pedal switch (as shown/indicated here). If I reset the errors by moving the steering wheel left then right it comes back on about a second or so after I start the engine.

    When I start the car, at first I can change down the gears (automatic) but after a drive a litle bit (20 meters or so), it sticks in whichever gear indicated on the dash (1/2/3/4) and is in the limp home mode (1st gear).

    I noticed that in my boot (trunk) was very wet, full of moisture. Lots of water in the spare wheel and the foam around he PSE unit is very wet.

    I've taken it to an independent garage wgo has the Star system and got lots of error codes.
    C1102-004, C1103-002, C1103-004, C1103-016, C1200, C1120-004, C1202, C1025-002, C1025-004
    P2400, P2401
    P1861, P1860
    (plus more) but generally indicating fault with both rear speed sensors and yaw rate sensor, and ABS faulty.

    The garage think it's an electrical problem, probably a lose connection somewhere.

    I've removed the centre console, inspected YAW, acceleration and looked at the rear speed sensors. Nothing obvious other that lots of water in the rear sensor plug where it connects to the main shell of the car on both sides. I've dried this as best I could.

    I still have the problem. If I take it to dealer to do another diagnostic check, would they be able to give me any more information, is it worth it?

    I'd like to repair it myself for the sense of achievement and also because I took it another Mecedes Specialist garage 6 months ago when it had exactly the same problem. Not a good experience with them, as initial quote of £50 went to £600 without asking. Then they replaced speed sensors and the ABS Pump Control Unit which I supplied second hand. Still that's another story.

    Any ideas? Should I take it to a dealer, could it be the ABS Pump/ESP controller again?

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. steve hw

    steve hw Active Member

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Norwich, Norfolk
    slk abs bas fault

    A friend of mine has slk 2002. Recently had abs / bas and sometimes the engine w /l ight on, intermitteny will stick in 2nd gear. After reading many posts on the forum i have replaced the battery and brkle light switch. I have a texa diag unit but just says can bus fault. Seem fine for 20 miles and the lights are back. After going on star machine at local indi a fault code of n/s/r abs sensor fault. They replaced sensor and all good for aprox 20 miles. then light back. returned to indi who reported other sensor had water in boot for o/s/r sensor. i had them change the sensor. all ok for about 5 weeks then back to square 1. This time the car was the other side of the country so i arranged for the car to go in to a local indi. they reported that the wiring near the abs sensors is corroded causing the fault. they reported they cleaned the connectors and greased. all ok for 50 miles then lights on and stuck in 2nd !!!!!! the car now recovered back so i could checlk this "corroded wire". cut of the plugs on looms where abs sensors attach. No signs of corrosion. Solder joined the wiring and refitted boots. Done this as thou the plugs looked good didnt seem to lock together that great. checked wiring at abs pump, no signs of wet or corrosion. Fault code on texa is stored can bus fault again ????? is there any more connectors between rear sensor plug and control unit that are common for corrosion. Any help greatly appreciatged.

    ELGRINGO Active Senior Members

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    May 26, 2006
    fylde coast
    Your Mercedes:
    e230 c180 sl280 brabus a190 smar cart
    Hi check both rear abs/rpm sensors very common, we have done loads water ingress to connectors .
  4. jibcl500

    jibcl500 Senior Member

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    Oct 22, 2005
    Your Mercedes:
    Does the ABS pump run? if not check the fuses next to the battery, small black box, remove lid and there are some big cables in there with 50amp fuses if the fuse for the pump has blown then that could be the fault.


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