Sprinter 310D Rear Differential Ratios??


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May 27, 2009
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Morning All. I'm in a bit a muddle. I have an S reg 310D MWB Sprinter with a high roof. This used to be a southwest highways workhorse and has now been lovingly converted into our climbing campervan of champs (which took ALOT longer than expected :rolleyes:)! All is great except one thing, motorway cruising is painfully loud at above 60mph (makes you want to want to wear headphones but even they don't drown out the seemingly very high revs!). My van doesn't have a rev counter so I can't say for sure what the revs are. Now the question I seek answering is whether there are varying differential ratios (I think this is what I mean) for sprinters and if so is it possible to replace the one I have (I have been told this is a 4.10 ratio - but I will crawl under and double check) with one that is better suited to driving on motorways and if so what would a suitable ratio be??. I'm not looking to do 90mph! Just cruise at 70mph ish with less pain!

Other information is that my tyres are 225/70/15 Michelin Agilis. I also understand that it is not really possible/affordable to find larger wheels that will fit these older sprinters. I was thinking larger wheels/tyres might have the same effect, but if such wheels don't exist then I'm guessing changing the differential is my only option??

So any help/advice anyone may be able to give me on this would be really great and much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Paul :confused:

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