Tips for buying 1999 C200 Elegance Auto estate



I've seen one of these for sale, and am interested in buying it.

It's done 75k miles, and looks very clean apart from initial show of bubbling paint on both front wheel arches. It's 1999 on a V plate, and is for sale at £2995.

There doesn't appear to be anything else wrong - I've had a short test drive.

Book is stamped up, with no service missed.

However I already have a C200 elegance saloon, and have just replaced the cat. I had to replace the air mass meter, and renew all the tappets a couple of years ago.

Are there any hidden warning signs I need to look out for?

I've checked the ones that I know, wiper mechanism, rust, but are there any others?

It would be helpful if I could have some opinions on the rough value of my car, 1997 (P). C200 Elegance auto, 178k miles, blue, not much wrong, apart from the obligatory rusty wheel arches.


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Jan 12, 2009
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Hi, I think you ought to check the alarm works ok. I had trouble with my 2000 C280 alarm. Water had got into the siren and it caused all manner of problems with central locking / alarming. Ensure the brake / ESP warning lights on the dash light initially then go out and stay out upon braking although the usual fix for this is replacement of the brake light switch which is inexpensive. Otherwise its just the usual rust issue. I would guess your 1997 C 200 to be worth maybe £800 ish bearing in mind the rust and mileage.


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Thanks for that. I've had a quick check of electrics - lights etc, as my current car goes through sidelight bulbs for fun. Everything is ok for months, then the offside front sidelight will go through 3/4 bulbs then go ok again.

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