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Mar 12, 2014
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E220 CDi 07/57
I found a free application the other day (it's been around for a while) which transposes Google Map routes to Sygic, TomTom and other SatNav systems. I don't use built in SatNav but if your file format is listed here it'll probably work.

Using Google Maps, Bing Maps and others you can plan a route, export the route and have it interpreted by ITN Converter. You drop the .itf file into the correct folder, rename it on your device and load it up via the favourites function.

Some online maps are better at generating some routes than others but some maps will even do cycling and walking routes or a combination of them all.

You can reverse the route, remove and add way points etc. Useful to navigate around known bottlenecks or to travel a certain way because you know it's quicker (despite what traffic alerts might say) there's a decent café on the route or you simply like the view.

Instructions are here

Hope this is of use to someone.

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