sat nav

  1. H

    sat nav

    hello! i have a mercedes 2018, c class. it didn't come with a memory card for the sat nav, and i'm not sure where to buy one. could anyone help?
  2. M

    E220d AMG Line Edition Premium with COMAND Online

    I have recently become the owner of a 2020 model E220d AMG Line Edition Premium with COMAND Online. I am gradually exploring all of the bells and whistles of which there are many! One of the things that I am finding more difficult that others is the Sat Nav. I used a TomTom Go 6200 with live...
  3. W


    Hello All, im new on the forum and have just bought a 2012 E220 CDI RHD. From what ive read it appears to have an NTG 4 unit though im not entirely sure. I would like to get and Android screen that will integrate with the existing head unit so that i dont loose any of the other features i have...
  4. J

    Avoid for sat nav update

    I’ve recently purchased a 2011 c220 estate and love it, my first Mercedes. I wanted to update the sat nav to the most recent maps and purchased the discs from - don’t make the same mistake. The discs were copies and not genuine, foolishly I tried to instal them and it does...
  5. B

    2016 A Class A200D AMG - Sat Nav & Apple Car Play help please

    Hi, I've recently just bought a Mercedes A200d AMG 2016 model (the 2016-2018 diamond grille) I bought it via a dealer but awaiting delivery. It doesn't come with sat nav as this needs activating? What does this mean please? Some are saying you just need the SD maps card, but some forums are...
  6. S

    Sat Nav SD Card & Mudflaps.

    Just bought a new X250 pick up which is not fitted with Sat Nav, contacted a Merc dealership today to enquire re purchasing an SD card and was quoted over £400. Any suggestions as to where you can purchase them at a more reasonable price ? Also no mudflaps fitted so looking to get a set of them...
  7. M

    Sat Nav SD card CLA 220

    I’m am currently buying a 2015 CLA 220 AMG and when test driving I noticed the sat nav SD card is missing. Can anyone tell me where to get one on the cheap with the latest update rather than going to Mercedes themselves which costs a lot more. I am in the UK. Thanks.
  8. K

    Garmin Sat Nat Directions- always says 3 miles?

    The Garmin sat nav in my E220D works well for me overall however I’ve noticed a glitch. When it is navigating and you’ve just completed a manoeuvre, eg turning or leaving a junction, it then says continue for 3 miles irrespective of how far to the next turn/junction. It’s always 3 miles...
  9. D

    Sat Nav Issues on 2014 w212 E250

    Back in 2017 there was a thread about issues with MB sat nav. The thread is still running but not discussing this issue anymore. My car started reporting most traffic as being on a major road (actual road i was travelling on) between the A1208 and the A1208. Sometomes it adds some numbers to the...
  10. M

    Sat Nav upgrade from

    I've had a bad experience with obtaining a Sat Nav upgrade from and thought the members of this forum may be interested in my dealings with them. My last email to them (quoted below) basically sums up my experience with dealing with them. I have still not received a...
  11. H

    W212 GPS Antenna (Convertible)

    Hello, New to this forum so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section. A month ago my W212 cabriolet's Satnav showed my location way off. I'm in Essex and it was showing up somewhere in wales so a good 300 miles off. Doing some research it looks like the GPS antenna has gone maybe? I've...
  12. PovertySpec

    Useful Sat Nav Route Creator

    I found a free application the other day (it's been around for a while) which transposes Google Map routes to Sygic, TomTom and other SatNav systems. I don't use built in SatNav but if your file format is listed here it'll probably work. Using Google Maps, Bing Maps and others you can plan a...
  13. S

    Sat Nan update for ntg4

    Hello! I’ve recently purchased a 2009 E350, with sat nav, the only issue is that the maps are out of date! What is the best route to take with regards updating? There seem to be numerous sites called “” and “” but are they trustworthy? Kind regards Stuart
  14. P

    Noob here! New Merc Owner :)

    Hello Guys, New owner here and first time Merc owner so joined to learn any tricks of the trade! also have a few questions of myself that I hope I can get some clarity over. Car is C CLASS 2015 205. NewCar by Phil666 posted Feb 10, 2018 at 1:18 PM Question time! - I have owned this car 2...
  15. M

    Navigation Module Not Compatible

    so i have a Mercedes A180 had around 8 months now sat nav has always worked fine until this morning it comes up saying module not connected so i took the module out replaced turned it off and on these kind of things and its tried to load a few times but still results back to not connected it has...
  16. M

    Can i get sat nav fitted help

    Ive recently bought a 2009 c200 cdi sport im missing sat nav already i heard you could get a becker map pilot fitted but ive looked in glove box an duno where it would go so im guessing thats not an option has anyone else had tgis problem and found a solution whithout having a tom tom or phone...
  17. I

    C250 cdi advice

    Hello newbie here! I'm going to be joining the ranks of Mercedes ownership in the very near future, I'm looking at a 3 or 4 year old c250 cdi coupe but do have a couple questions I was hoping you could help with: 1. Is there anything I should be looking out for before buying? 2. How...
  18. A

    My SAT Nav does not my house number

    Hello 4 days of using my 65 plate E 220 , been testing the Sat NAV, it does not seem to have most of the house numbers , for on my street I cant see my house number they seem to start from double digits and mine is 4 , tried to go to another place and again the house numbers were not there...
  19. R

    Sat nav help needed! c220 cdi (62-plate)

    Forgive me if this is stupid, but I need some help. I picked up my 62-plate C220 cdi coupe (AMG Sport trim) today. It has 'sat nav prep', but no sat nav. I wasn't under the impression it had sat nav, so that's ok. What does 'sat nav prep' mean though?! I do however, want to install sat...
  20. S

    What is the latest firmware/software version for W212 Audio 50 APS?

    Gents, Today I visited MB Bristol for service. Upon completion of the work I asked if there is any new firmware/software update for the Audio 50 APS unit on my 2011 W212, they said they always update the software to the latest one. I checked the unit and it still showing the original software...

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