W124 Hydraulic Pipes - which ones?

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Feb 20, 2009
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One of the two rear self-levelling suspension pipes that extend beneath the floorpan of my W124 200TE is corroded and I am loosing hydraulic fluid. I've been to all sorts of garages to see if the rusty section of pipe can be cut out and replaced with a new piece. Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee a leak free repair and even Pirtek (hydraulic installations repair specialist) said it would be a challenge to get it right considering the remote location of the pipes. By the way, Pirtek are not insured to carry out repairs on private cars.

The best advice I have received is to order new pipes from Mercedes and replace the whole sections. I visited my local dealer last week, explained and discussed my requirements and the nice chap at the parts desk ordered a couple of pipes for me. Unfortunately, when they arrived, one of the pipes looked far too short. He looked at the parts diagram again and ordered another pipe.

I am taking my car to the garage next week and I am concerned that if I don't provide the mechanic (back street, under the arches type of outfit) with the correct pipes, my car will end up off the road for days until the correct bits are sourced.

The two pipes that I need extend beneath the floorpan. Both are connected to unions within the engine bay and both extend to the element located just to the left of No 78 on the diagram below.


Before I waste a lot of time and money, could someone please let me know which are the two pipes I need.

At the moment I have pipes 60 and 83 on order. Cost? A few quid short of £100.

Thank you.


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