W211(s211) rocker cover leaking oil

Remon Yousef

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Nov 15, 2020
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Hi everyone, new to the forum.
This my third mercedes car i owned, every time I change to a diffrent car it never feel good as driving a merc, first 2 was c class 220 now I bought 2008 e220 facelift estate.
Unfortunately I have a cracked rocker cover which is leaking oil all over where the injectors are, I have done all the injectors seals probably cleaned the injectors seats using the right tool for it to cut the seats and now it is not leaking at all.
My question is if I am going to change the plastic rocker cover can I get it used one from another w211 e220 pre facelift or it is a totally different engine as mine the 170 bhp?
Thanks alot


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Feb 19, 2006
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Check the corresponding part nos to be certain.

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