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Jun 12, 2021
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Mercedes benz s class w220 1998
Hello i have a mercedes s class from 1998 and my var is allergic to rain. Every time i drive when its raining my ABS light comes off and it say ABS bas esp and my servo stop working and yesterday my transmission Didnt want to lever up in gears. Is it someone that have the same problem as me?


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Dec 8, 2015
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Herefordshire UK
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W220 S-Class S320 2001 / W220 S-Class S55 AMG 2000 / W220 S-Class S55K AMG 2003 / Jaguar XJR X350
If you cannot find simple solution, something a little leftfield (just thinking about the rain!), but it may be worth checking if there is any water/damp under the passenger side carpet (caused by blocked drain in the passenger side cowl under the windscreen (lift the bonnet, and look down into the passenger side vent for signs of water or blockage)

- There is a lot of canbus wiring under the passenger footwell, and from experience, having mositure there can throw up a lot of weirdness / faults (to the point my W220 could not get drive authorisation due to corroded wires, (dead on the key turn to start, though everything else seemingly ok) -

But as the others said - Check the codes - probably something simple

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