windscreen wiper part 3


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Nov 2, 2009
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cls 350
Having carried out the recommendations of thoroughly lubricating the mechanism.I then removed the whole mechanism and and checked all was seated correctly and tight.I then inspected the nylon gear in the motor and couldn't see any damage but thought i'd replace the motor with a new one as maybe any damage wasn't clearly visible.Having reassembled the mechanism and fitted it I still have the same problem.The problem ie the wiper pausing briefly during its sweep is neither consistant in its timing or the position of pausing.I've actually resorted to counting the wiper sweeps between pauses 105 last time. I've developed neck ache following its movement, the neighbours think i'm losing it, out with a hose pipe in between downpours trying to simulate it.Does anyone have any more suggestions.I wondered could it be the switch stalk are these problematic?.I don't want to buy any more unnecessary parts so before I lose the will to live does any one have any suggestions:confused:

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