1. D

    W213 E220 AMG line

    Hi all, I have a E220 estate (2017) and its been pretty good so far. It has the AMG suspension and 19" wheels which makes the rim quite firm. I see two possible options (i) drop to 18" wheels - it seems Romac do a wheel called the Venom which looks very similar to the standard MB 19" items...
  2. nooney

    Reducing wheel sizes?

    Can I replace my 225/40/18 wheels and tyres with a smaller size to improve ride quality as my B Class Sport has a harsh ride. I thought if I got new wheels and tyres with a deeper sidewall then the ride would be less harsh? I realise speedo readings would be altered .
  3. R

    Selling 4x 18 inch Genuine OEM Mercedes A-Class AMG Alloys with Good Tyres

    Selling these genuine Mercedes A45 alloys as I have upgraded to 19 inch Mulitispoke Alloys. These 18 inch alloys come with Michelin tyres that all have around 6.5/7mm tread left on them. (These cost £115 each brand new) Three of the alloys are in perfect condition, one of them has a scuff/kerb...
  4. C

    AMG alloys on 2002 SLK Kompressor

    Will 18" AMG monoblock alloys fit on a 2002 Merc SLK Kompressor and if yes, any idea what tyre size should you use?
  5. N

    SL55 -- update and RIM/TYRE question.

    It's been 2 months so far and I've done 2k miles -- and I LOVE IT! It's so powerful, it's insane! I still worry about the possible maintenance costs, but I got Alex Crow to take a look at it, and change the ABC fluid and he's ace. It's taken a little while to get used to the power and...
  6. P

    E320 CDI Sport 18" Alloy Wheel

    urgently require an 18" sport "Twin spoke" alloy wheel after cracking existing wheel hitting a bad pothole in the road. Preferably a used rather than new. Can anyone help?
  7. B

    w124 on 18" amg aero ||

    My first post!! I am running 18" amg aero 2's on my 300ce. But because thier too big and i don't want to make a loss on them by selling them on ebay i need help into how i can make them fit. rears are fine, fronts have spacer and stick out beyond wheel arch and the rubbing is...

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