1. D

    W213 E220 AMG line

    Hi all, I have a E220 estate (2017) and its been pretty good so far. It has the AMG suspension and 19" wheels which makes the rim quite firm. I see two possible options (i) drop to 18" wheels - it seems Romac do a wheel called the Venom which looks very similar to the standard MB 19" items...
  2. nooney

    Reducing wheel sizes?

    Can I replace my 225/40/18 wheels and tyres with a smaller size to improve ride quality as my B Class Sport has a harsh ride. I thought if I got new wheels and tyres with a deeper sidewall then the ride would be less harsh? I realise speedo readings would be altered .
  3. R

    Selling 4x 18 inch Genuine OEM Mercedes A-Class AMG Alloys with Good Tyres

    Selling these genuine Mercedes A45 alloys as I have upgraded to 19 inch Mulitispoke Alloys. These 18 inch alloys come with Michelin tyres that all have around 6.5/7mm tread left on them. (These cost £115 each brand new) Three of the alloys are in perfect condition, one of them has a scuff/kerb...
  4. C

    AMG alloys on 2002 SLK Kompressor

    Will 18" AMG monoblock alloys fit on a 2002 Merc SLK Kompressor and if yes, any idea what tyre size should you use?
  5. N

    SL55 -- update and RIM/TYRE question.

    It's been 2 months so far and I've done 2k miles -- and I LOVE IT! It's so powerful, it's insane! I still worry about the possible maintenance costs, but I got Alex Crow to take a look at it, and change the ABC fluid and he's ace. It's taken a little while to get used to the power and...
  6. C

    Winter Tyres For Sale (Durham Area)

    Hi Everyone, I have a set of used winter tyres for sale from a E-Class 220 estate. I have recently changed up to a CLS shooting brake and they don't fit. The tyres are: Rear - Pirelli 240 Snowsport 265/35/R18 97V N3 Front - Pirelli Sottozero 245/40/R18 97V M+S Only used for 1 winter with a...
  7. L

    [Wanted] 18" Alloys for S-Class W221

    Looking at changing current 20" alloys for 18". Before buying new, I thought I'd see if anyone here is selling any.
  8. P

    E320 CDI Sport 18" Alloy Wheel

    urgently require an 18" sport "Twin spoke" alloy wheel after cracking existing wheel hitting a bad pothole in the road. Preferably a used rather than new. Can anyone help?
  9. P

    [Wanted] Alloy wheel for E320 cdi sport estate [18"]

    urgently require an 18" sport "twin Spoke" alloy wheel due to existing wheel having cracked after hitting a bad pothole. Preferably a used wheel rather than new. Can anyone help, and either supply, or point me in the right direction?
  10. C

    [Spares] SL55 AMG 18" Wheels and Tyres

    I am selling my SL55 AMG Turbine wheels. They where refurbished about 4 weeks ago so are in very good condition. Complete with tyres. Rear tyres have approx 6mm left. one front has approx 5mm the other one has approx 3mm. The reason one of the front tyres has less tread is because the car dealer...
  11. D

    [Spares] 18" Carlsson W220

    Sorry a sales is my first post! Selling a set of Carlsson W220 they were on my mates VW Passat for this years show season but has brought new wheels for next year so I though someone with a Mercedes may be interested in them. The wheels are all straight and true no kerbing and all have...
  12. B

    w124 on 18" amg aero ||

    My first post!! I am running 18" amg aero 2's on my 300ce. But because thier too big and i don't want to make a loss on them by selling them on ebay i need help into how i can make them fit. rears are fine, fronts have spacer and stick out beyond wheel arch and the rubbing is...

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