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    Crank, no start. Not getting enough fuel

    Hi, I just completed a head gasket replacement on my 1994 e320 m104. Put everything back together and it wouldn't start. I have narrowed it down to lack of fuel. If i cover the air intake in front of the MAF sensor, it turns over and tries to start but fails, or starts but immediately stalls...
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    Hi, I'm new and need HELP!!

    Hi, I have just signed up to this because I have recently occurred a problem with my 1994 Mercedes E300 Diesel Estate. My problem... My car is a 4 gear auto with the option to select 2nd gear and 3rd gear. Randomly one day the car cut out and lost all power. All the dashboard lights...
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    C180 (94) internal heater problem solved.

    Hi This may be of use to someone else. I had a fault on my internal heater where by it would be on full heat regardless of the temperature settings. The back lights also flashed. I removed the heater panel from the car and then dismantled it as follows: Remove the knobs, then un-clip the...
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    C180 (94) ignition key won't turn

    Hi I have a auto 1994 c180 with just a plain ignition key (not electronic).This morning the key would not turn. The steering wheel is unlocked but I can not get the key to position 1. I have tried both keys, wiggling them, spraying silicon into the lock but no joy. All the posts I have...
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    1994 C180 Intemittant low power. air pressure sensor?

    Hi I have just bought my first MB having suffered years of overheating problems with Vauxhall Senators and MV6 Omegas. I have had the car a week and so far I am very pleased. I have one problem that is puzzling me and I am hoping someone can help. Sometimes the car has very little power when...

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