C180 (94) internal heater problem solved.


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Jul 4, 2009
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1999 C200
Hi This may be of use to someone else.

I had a fault on my internal heater where by it would be on full heat regardless of the temperature settings. The back lights also flashed. I removed the heater panel from the car and then dismantled it as follows:
Remove the knobs, then un-clip the plastic cover by pushing in the small plastic tabs each in turn. Once the cover is off undo the large nut holding the air vent control in place. Next push in the plastic tabs holding the main PCB in place. Remove this out of the way (it will be attached via a ribbon cable) exposing a small PCB on the rear of the multi plug. My problem was a dry solder joint on the earth pin. But I imagine problems could be caused by dry joints anywhere.

On reassembly the air vent control can only fit in correctly one way. Also take care with the knobs as they are not interchangeable.

All the best Dave

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